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In less than an hour, your skin is visibly smoother and revitalized from the geneO+ 3-in-1 Facial. This facial is ideal for someone who wants immediate, dramatically visible results.

— Derek Hoffmann, Spa Director The Spa at Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL

OxyGeneo delivers excellent facial skin exfoliation but also provides the unique benefits of natural skin oxygenation and nutrient infusion.

— Ghislaine Beilin, MD, Paris, France

As a business owner making the step to purchase the OxyGeneo was a great choice and I am looking forward to adding another one too!

— Jason N. Pozner, M.D. F.A.C.S, Sanctuary Plastic Surgery

I have been working with the geneO+ device since October 2013 and the results continue to amaze my clients. The texture of the skin changes immediately with the unique Capsugen exfoliant (micro), the skin is absolutely radiant from the stimulation of oxygenation, and the infusion of the essential actives for the anti-aging or brightening is apparent in just one treatment (I also complement the treatment with concentrates and creams). I also take pre and post pictures to show my clients the type of results we can achieve with just one treatment.

— Agnes Rees Palvetzian - Senga Science Anti-Age Clinic

OxyGeneo facial treatments have transformed my skin's appearance dramatically. My hyper pigmentation is less visible and my skin is left feeling brighter, vibrant and refreshed.

— Vanessa Cesario, Client, Soft Touch Electrolysis and Aesthetics by Isabel Lupis

Hello world!

I am extremely pleased with my results from my OxygGeneo treatments. I have noticed a significant difference in the brightness of my skin and overall texture. I have some sun damage from my child hood and I was pleased to see a difference in my problem areas. I would recommend OxyGeneo to everyone, there is no other facial like it.

— Kate Alleyne, Upper Village Spa client

This innovative platform made such an exciting difference in my business. I am so thrilled with the OxyGeneo, my clients love the service and are seeing real results almost immediately after their first treatment. The client referrals that we have been receiving have been phenomenal. I am looking forward to adding another one too!

— Trina Silano

Just wanted to thank you for the great device I bought from you. OxyGeneo is working out like no other device I’ve ever bought. My clients are extremely satisfied with their results, noticing diminished lines and lighter pigmentation marks, less break outs and smoother skin. I had few clients calling me the day after the treatment and thanking me for the outcome. Thank you again!

— Janina, Janina’s Esthetics

Spa Utopia Health & Wellness Centers Add Pollogen OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial technology to Its Line of Treatments

Spa Utopia Health & Wellness Centers Add Pollogen OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial technology to Its Line of Treatments The Pollogen OxyGeneo technology is a cutting-edge anti-aging solution that redefines cosmetic treatments. Unlike any other treatment on the market, OxyGeneo technology simultaneously and effectively provides 3 essential skin-care treatments to deliver...